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Published on July 6, 2009 under Uncategorized


Ms. Beth had to go to the doctor today, so Ms. Debbie came to play and have fun with us! In her words:
Today we…

talked about where Randy and I have been and where we are going
Read Good Night Gorilla and found the little mouse on each page.
explored the zoo animal stickers and made a picture with them – Adam remembered there was a blue key in the playroom so he found it and everyone traced it on their page, just like the book has! Smart kid! We talked about the letters in key and some of them wrote it on their page.

Te kids formed an impromptu band …

They explained to me that the helper of the day is also the line leader.

I really missed the kids. It feels so good to have their sweet smiles crowding me.

What a treat to have Ms. Debbie back for the day! I know the kids loved having her back and I sure appreciated getting to go to the doctor!


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