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Singin’ in the rain

Published on June 12, 2009 under Rainy Day Fun

>Today was full of excitement…

I purchased that materials to make the tie-dyed shirts and we made them this morning during free-choice center time. The kids really got to do this project by themselves…it is very simple. They turned out great…very vibrant and colorful, and the kids were so proud of what they had done. This took up alot of time this morning, so we went outside as soon as we were done because it looked like rain was coming and we wanted to get some outside time in before the storms hit. We played outside for awhile before it began to rain. The great thing is, there is so much tree cover over the play area the although it started to rain, we got to stay outside. I even let the kids play on the front lawn in the rain. I looked over and there was Sharae with her arms out and eyes closed, spinning around and around, so happy to feel the rain coming down. We stayed outside until the lightening and thunder began, and then came in for circle time. We read two of the three non-fiction books that we checked out from the library yesterday. A House for Hermit Crab and a book about an aquarium. Then we listened to The Biggest Thing in the Ocean. We had a long discussion about the weather, about what makes the sound of thunder and what color lightning can be. Another great week, and looking formward to next week!


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