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It’s getting warmer…

Published on June 9, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today we continued exploring the ocean world and sharks.

During Circle time, we played “If your name is on the plate” game and did our exercises with the help of our music and movement CD. We read Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark and also listened to the Three Little Pigs. We then made a T-chart to compare and contrast the stories. We found a lot of similarities between the two. We also read 5 Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea

We sorted sea shells, and also used sandpaper to create a shark rubbing. Some children made more than one. There was a lot of beauty shop play going on today, and some spectacular “do”s coming out of the dramatic play room. Amelia was absent today, but Adam came back from vacation, and he was busy reuniting with friends all day. I think Jaxson was especially glad to not be so outnumbered!


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