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Another quiet Monday

Published on June 15, 2009 under Uncategorized

>We had two absent today, so it was quieter than usual, but we had a great day.

We began our study dinosaurs with the book Danny and the Dinosaur. The children really seemed to enjoy this book in circle time. We also read a similar story, If I Had A Dinosaur. We learned about “carnivores” as meat-eaters and “herbivores” as plant eaters as well as the term “extinct”. We discussed that we will not see dinosaurs at the pet store, zoo, or circus. We will see their bones at a museum, but we may never see a live one. Ms. Beth hasn’t seen one alive, or our mommy and daddy, or our grandparents, etc. Tough concept to grasp, but we are working on it.
We also listened to a Father’s Day book and began to plan our gifts for our dads.

During center time most of the children made a picture using all sorts of dinosaur stamps. Ms. Beth posted those on the wall for us to admire. We also got out the small dinosaur figures and patterning cards, and the hammer and tees were requested about halfway through the morning, so those were available. Jaxson and Adam had fun building with the wood blocks all around the room (I think they used every single one!) and there was a serious game of hide and seek going on this morning.
When we went outside, Adam helped to water all the flowers and clean out the sandboxes. We filled up the paint buckets, and Whitlee had a lot of fun “painting” all sorts of places all around the playground. Then Adam set up a bike wash as the trikes came by he would ask “Can I wash your bike?” after meticulously cleaning every millimeter of the bike with a paint brush, he would say…”you owe me fifteen hundred.” Seriously?
We are looking forward to waterplay on Wednesday. I heard alot of the children talking about it today. It will be fun. I think we may do a full on bike wash that day, bubble and all! Free, of course!;)


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