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5 Little Fishies

Published on June 5, 2009 under Uncategorized

>I only had five kiddos today…one on vacation, one sick, and one I never heard from, so I assume she was just taking a day off. It was one of those days when I wonder why I am getting paid to do this job. It is so much fun. I have had alot of those lately.

We wrapped up our week of Over in the Ocean. We used dry oatmeal to add texture to the octopi we glued and stapled together. I saw alot of teamwork trying to use the stapler. Amelia and Mykah were really confident in using the stapler, so they helped Sharae and Jaxson. It is so cute to hear them be “teachers”. “Be careful…good job buddy!” in little shrieks. Very sweet. We put the oatmeal octopi on the ocean mural along with our Rainbow fish from earlier this week.

In circle time, we pretended we were swimming at the bottom of the ocean and found a treasure chest! What would be inside? We charted our responses…they varied from gold to gold candy to Hannah Montana stickers. We also read The Bravest Fish.

At lunch, we were all washed and sitting at the table, and a thought struck me: “This is the perfect day, perfect lunch, perfect amount of children to have a picnic!” We picked up our plates and carried them outside. We sat at the picnic table under the umbrella and had our lovely little lunch. What a great idea, Ms. Beth!


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