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Busy Day!

Published on May 28, 2009 under Uncategorized


Today it seemed we were playing and doing and on the go…very busy!

The children really were into dramatic play this morning. Whitlee, Jaxson, Katie, & Adam set up the chairs in the playroom to pretend they were going somewhere on an airplane. Adam had a blazer on so I am pretty sure he was the pilot, even though he was sitting in the back. Maybe he was just a passenger flying business class. Meanwhile, in the other room, Mykah, Jaden, and Sharae were pretending to be a patient, a nurse, and a doctor respectively. They had all the doctor’s kit items out, plus a lot of other things from the dress up room that I would see them carting back and forth.

Some of the children had fun with the “Funoodles“, Styrofoam pieces that stick together when they get wet. We had many creations to show off this morning when we were done!

 I put fresh paint out in the art center and Jaden and Whitlee had fun there as well. In the block center, Mykah, Amelia, and Katie used the big blocks to build partitions and they called them their “beds”. Then they took markers and paper there to get creative in their “beds”.

During circle time we talked again about the life cycle of the frog. We looked at a chart that depicts the cycle, and we will each color one of our own this afternoon. We sang “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” again, this time using frog puppets. We read Froggy goes to the Doctor and Chicka Chicka boom Boom. We charted where we would jump to if we were frogs:

Jaden would jump to her house.
Katie would jump to her trampoline, as well as Amelia and Jaxson.
Sharae would jump to her Grandma’s.
Whitlee would jump to her laptop. Hmmmm….interesting choice!
Adam would jump into his swimming pool.
Mykah would jump to her swings.

Final day of Froggy Fun tomorrow!

I have pictures of a lot of the fun stuff that went on today, and will try to get Debbie to help me post them as soon as I can! 😉


  1. Ms Debbie

    I used to have water days too! Great idea Ms Beth. We already have MUFFIN TIN MONDAY maybe you can add WET WEDNESDAYS! I think it was a great day too, even when the Health Dept surprised you. As I expected, you handled it with professionalism and style. Thanks!

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