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Published on March 31, 2009 under Uncategorized


Today was THE day.    We have been waiting for 2.5 months for our annual quality inspection. We use a scale somewhat like ECCRS called FCCRS ( family child care rating scale) . I mentor other homes that are wanting to go through this process , so the pressure is on to pass.  I think the day went ok. There is a little feeling of your heart  racing when they first walk in the door, but it quickly subsides as you take over and just do the things you normally do. 
The children had fun today exploring the ribbons I added since visiting Riverfield.  Today is their second day with them.  Amelia and Christian started weaving them through the 3D Art shelf.  It was BEAUTIFUL! I stood watching them and talking to them about it.  As we talked my  mind was reeling , is this a safety hazard ?  ( More so than the cold cup of coffee that I had on the cube???)   The ribbons are looped ….  kind of like mini blind  cords which have to be put away..  As I battled inside what I should  do, I remembered that I put the ribbons out to see what they would do with them.  What they did was creative and beautiful and with me standing there, did not feel like a safety hazard, so I left it .  I think as a teacher we all have to make decisions about what we want to happen in our classroom and that is a component that makes us a “quality setting” regardless of what a scale shows.

To the right is first a picture of Marcy, who made me day go remarkably well. The other pictures is the band that the kids formed….. while she was outside ! 

The kids have no idea it is their job to make me look good, or they would have done this while Marcy was in the room!

The bottom picture of course is the beautiful ribbon creation that Amelia and Christian made with our ribbons !

All in all it was a great day.

Some other things your child might mention:

We planted parsley on a sponge.
We read a book called ” Momma Loves me”.

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