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I Wuv You…

Published on February 13, 2009 under Valentines

>Today has been another fun day.  It has been nice to have Valentines fun without working up to the inevitable sugar buffet, crowded room and chaos.  Today has been about what all holidays should be about the relationships.

As the children came in they placed the Valentines they brought in their friends envelopes.  I watched one of the little girls place little gift bags on everyones envelope and then she stood back and looked.   She went over to her envelope and removed one and hurriedly took it to Adams cubby.   She caught my eye and I said ” You don’t want one?” She said ” Naw…. he can have it.” I said ” well, he has one already.” She replied” I know…. he can have another one.”  I just smiled. I could tell she was embarrassed.  I was also impressed. She understood the meaning of Valentines!
Then later in the morning from the puppet stage area, I heard – help he is having a baby. As I went in the room one of the little boys had his legs up in the air and a little girls standing there ready to CATCH the baby. We had a little calm discussion about what they were doing?  ( Having kitty cats) .  Randy , being the older guy couldn’t stand it and said  ” Can we leave the having babies to the mommies!?”  They all agreed to . I again was impressed. It seemed to me that someone had been watching TLC and the show about babies being born.  What was funny, is I don’t guess it occurred to them that boys ..don’t.. have … babies… Well, unless, they saw that one other TV show.  
I am  excited about our Mommy and Me Tea tonight!  
Happy Valentines Day!


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