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Hodge Podge

Published on February 10, 2009 under Uncategorized

Ok, no quote today about play, it has been TOO crazy.  I wish some time you could just hang out and see what all we do all day.  We did it all again today but add in-

DHS vouchers came by to introduce themselves and drop off new packets. I  dont have voucher children but “just in case” I guess.  
The phone rang atleast 15 times.
Two of my friends called and did not pass their QA inspection.  This is Debbie getting nervous….
I went through 60 books on tape that I have in the playroom. These are  just the ones that are for fun listening in the alone space or loft. They are too long for group time.  I had to take out atleast 30 books that I think I would lose marks on. Example:  a dragon blowing fire, a lion growling at another animal. They consider these frightening.  Go figure.  Randy is going to have to take out the climbing rose bush over the trellis- they may prick their finger on a thorn. ( seriously?)  I am sure the kids told you about us taking the play dome out. I went from a large climber, to a small climber now to this…. I guess eventually we will be on a concrete playground that lacks challenge or personality. Ok.. I will stop.  Grrr….
The coop came to start services on a child for speech. That means I sit around a table with four people shuffling paperwork from one to the other signing off…. 
Last night Randy and I recertified CPR- so, feel free to fall out on the parking lot , we can handle it.  🙂
As you can see, today has not been my favorite day.  I hate it when politics  gets in the way of doing what I need and want to do.  Play.
Oh, dont forget the ” Mom and Me Tea” Friday night.
Lacey enjoy your Valentines weekend and yes, we are open on Monday!
Happy Hump Day everyone.


  1. Jessica

    The top of the piano is full!!! LOL So Mrs. Debbie maybe we should encourage Elliot to build smaller things? 🙂 Or just disassemble them when he’s not looking at night. Seriously. I will keep as much as I can, but obviously, at some point, we aren’t going to be able to keep it all. But will take lots of pictures!

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