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Welcome back and Brrrr….

Published on January 5, 2009 under Winter

>Can you believe it is so cold outside? As I was finishing up my lesson plans for the month over the weekend, I thought I had messed up. What day was it 75 degrees? Picture yourself sitting in circle time saying ” Winter is cold!” or ” What kind of clothing do we need to wear during the winter?” when that day MANY folks were in summer style again! Thankfully nature cooperated with me and I was able to discuss winter today without confusing all the kiddos!

Some random pieces of information:

The wedding went off with out a hitch for the most part. I mean, Justin’s mother and I forgot to take our candles up for our part of the candle lighting ceremony. Justin never picked out a first dance song, therefore the dancing never got started. Since it was a weeknight, that was ok, most people just wanted to celebrate with them and get back home before the ice started anyway. Danielle and Justin are in Hawaii now and waiting on their households shipment to get there, but they have a house!

We got a new central heating unit put in while the kids were gone. Now, we are all toasty and warm. That reminds me – we HAVE to go outside every day for an hour unless there is falling precipitation or you have a doctors note. Believe me, no one hates it more than Randy. Poor Randy is freezing out there. We have changed up the schedule a little bit so that they go out for 1/2 and hour and then 1/2 and hour later. That way, Randy has time to warm up a little between shifts. He is wearing powder puff girls ear muffs, it is pretty funny. He doesnt like the new ear muffs. He likes the old ones that have two puffs that cover the ears and a head band ( plastic ) that goes over the ears. We have looked everywhere. If anyone knows where to find some nice adult ones… that would be perfect.

Addam is still here until the 15th with Geneviette. They are in a condo at Dawn Hill. She has really attached to him this time. She is a daddy’s girl.

We are having a new shower door installed this week. Why, you ask? For your kiddos! Hows that? When we have our annual quality inspection one of the things they look for is anything that has KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Which is pretty much anything….I am fairly certain they do it now as a liabilty thing… just in case. That means all soaps, shampoos, body washes, shaving creams must be locked away . Can you imagine having to clear out the shower every day? My solution is to put a door on there and we will put a safety lock at the top. Just another example of the hoops we have to jump through to be a state quality facility.

What did we do today?

Today we introduced Winter by reading a book called Frozen Noses. It was great for talking about all the things we need for winter weather – such as boots, scarves, mitten or gloves and so on. I added ice to the water table and a few pengiuns . They loved that ! Some of the new toys we added were:
an arctic playset
a leapster
white beads to transfer with a small pair of tongs
white playdough and a snowman cutter

We also took a picture of a snowman and used marshmallows to line his belly and then counted them . After counting they of course, could eat the marshmallows and then color the snowman.

Other than listening to MANY stories about how the kids spent their holiday, that is about it. I hope your day was as good as ours!


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