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Brrr.. part 2

Published on January 6, 2009 under Winter

>Today has been yet another cold day !  We had excitement . The lowes folks came to install our new shower door.  It is up . We should be able to use it tomorrow!  I am pretty sure I am going to hate cleaning it, but well… anything to keep that quality score on the rise!

We read a story today called ” Winter is Coming”.  It is actually a Winnie the Pooh book. I dont read a lot of those. For a large group they are kind of ‘wordy” and I have to work really hard to keep the kids attention  .  This book is excellent for this unit though.  Pooh and all his friends hear Christopher Robin say that Winter is coming. They prepare a big party for him.  They go out to look and they are sure that they have found ” winter”.  What they found was a snowman.   They took him home to warm him up by the fire.  Thankfully Christopher Robin shows up to explain that Winter is a time of year and not a person.  They got the snowman back out side before he melted and then they had a party anyway, to celebrate the new season!  A really cool book….
Hope you have had a wonderful day.


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